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Established in 1982, Progress Associates is now starting it's third decade of existence as a very successful consulting and training firm, with headquarters in Syracuse, New York. Daniel C. Leete and Linda A. McLyman are the senior partners in the firm. Daniel and Linda conduct training programs and provide consulting and executive coaching services for individuals and organizations throughout the United States. Noted for helping people and organizations grow and change in significant and non-traditional ways, Daniel and Linda have the reputation of being top notch professionals. Their clients range from the small entrepreneurial type firms to large government agencies. During the past decades they have provided intense learning experiences for thousands of people in a wide range of work settings.

Daniel and Linda are excellent trainers who work very well individually or together as a team of facilitators. Daniel is nationally known for his superior work with natural resource agencies, while Linda is nationally recognized for her work with high level executives and their executive leadership teams. These partners continue to bring their strengths and visions together in order to build a firm which has a solid and exciting reputation.


Daniel C. Leete B.A.
Environmental Science and Environmental Leadership
State University of New York at Potsdam
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
Linda A. McLyman B.S., M.S.
Communications and Psychology
State University of New York at Geneseo
Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

Information on Linda McLyman's
Wise Leadership

This insightful book offers an opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn more about the concept of leadership and to gain an understanding of what it really means to be a wise leader in today's complex and challenging world. Anyone who is interested in making significant changes in the world, or simply abetting progress in either large or small ways, will appreciate this important book.

Wise Leadership breaks from the formulas offered up in traditional self-help or management and leadership books. Rather than providing a set of quick-fix recipes for success, McLyman invites leaders instead to listen to the simple, poignant words she has garnered from working alongside some of her most successful and powerful clients during twenty-plus years of management consulting. These are the leaders everyone wants to have in their organizations.

In a simple, practical, and insightful style, McLyman invites her readers to grasp the values, beliefs, and truths that are commonly held by many of today's wisest leaders. Discover what it really means to work not just as a smart and intelligent leader, but also as a very wise leader. The path to intelligence, we discover, is not necessarily the same path to wisdom.

McLyman encourages us to listen to the thoughts and feelings behind the simple words. As we eavesdrop on conversations with clients, we are invited to ponder our own meaning of wise leadership. There are no quick solutions, no simple answers; instead, McLyman declares, we must learn to think for ourselves.

"Linda McLyman challenges and inspires all of us to become more mature and conscious leaders. Wise Leadership is like a multifaceted jewel, reminding us of the essentials of good leadership necessary in business, family or community life."

Gail Straub
Executive Director, Empowerment Training Program - author of The Rhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society

"Wise Leadership captures a unique collection of thought provoking corporate leadership behaviors, motivating the reader to engage in self-reflection -- careful you may not like what you see!"

Tim Foster
Ford Motor Company, Business Development and Strategy

"Few people during my career have influenced me more about the true spirit of leadership than Linda McLyman. This book embodies the best of her advice obtained from years of observation and practice. I believe it is critical for leaders today to understand the leadership truths shared in this book."

Mike Edrington
Associate, Organizational Quality Associates, Inc.

"After 25 years of working with managers in corporations and having been a leader myself for 20 years, at last I have a book I can honestly and confidently give to executives and managers. I will tell them, “Not only read this book but live it. You will not only improve your life, but more importantly, the lives of all those you touch both in the workplace and on the outside.”

Chuck Honnet
Senior Consultant, Brand Learning Partners Ltd. UK - former Vice President, Global business Management, the Gillette Company

"A very real book filled with humanity...interesting, intelligent, and honest. The emphasis on continuing to learn is refreshing."

Karla J. Hawley
Assistant to the Chief of the USDA Forest Service


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