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  1. We are Progress Associates, a very successful senior level training development and management consulting firm with an excellent reputation. We have been in business since 1983 providing high quality training, and one-on-one executive consulting and coaching services for various organizations and companies throughout the United States.
  2. We, Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete, are senior partners in the firm. We have worked together since 1983. Although we each specialize in specific areas of our work, we also team teach and team consult for many of our clients. People love both our different styles and the ways in which we complement each other.
  3. What type of training do we provide? This web site will give you more specific details about some of our most popular training and retreat programs. Mostly we design and implement the type of training programs that enhance organizational development. These are training seminars such as effective team development, change management, leadership training and development (including succession planning), executive decision-making, improved communications, corporate accountability, meeting management, and enhanced creativity.
  4. We do not provide canned training programs. All of our programs are custom designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. The same applies to our executive coaching and management consulting services. Helping individuals and organizations make significant progress and change is the bottom line at Progress Associates. Check out the rest of our web site if you are interested in specific information about our company. You might want to start by seeing what we say yes and no to.
  Yes to pragmatic results oriented training. No to "touchy-feely" training seminars.
  Yes to real world initiatives that produce deliverables. No to "feel good" initiatives that produce no tangible results.
  Yes to customed designed consulting and coaching. No to "psychobabble" and "consultant speak".
  Yes to management by field tested strategies and methodologies. No to "management by best seller" and "flavor of the month training".
  Yes to honest, direct and open dialogue between clients and consultants. No to boring, sit, take notes and listen seminars.
  Yes to innovative and participative training that keeps people wanting to be involved. No to "canned" training and "new age" coaching sessions.
  Yes to leadership competencies.  


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