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Executive Development

Senior Level Executive Development
At Progress Associates we specialize in executive development. Working with senior management teams requires seasoned, highly skilled professionals, who are able to teach, facilitate, offer a "non-canned" approach, and "move out of the way" when necessary. to do that, we custom design and facilitate many types of executive retreats, seminars, and even working meetings. Call us today to discuss the goals that are important to you - we will help you achieve pragmatic deliverables.

During the past 15 years of our work we have designed and taught many executive leadership training programs for a variety of diverse organizations. We are most widely known for our intensive training opportunity called The Leadership Intensive. This training gives individuals an opportunity to learn more about the ways in which they approach and handle advanced leadership responsibilities. Much more than an intellectually based training, this program is designed for those individuals who are eager to honestly learn more about themselves in a format that is non-threatening and yet rigorous, emotionally challenging, and stimulating. It is designed to give participants the time and space needed to reflect on who they are and how they want to lead. Topic areas include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Embracing the concept of psychological maturity as it relates to leadership
  • Understanding more about the correlation between leadership and control
  • Identifying and taking responsibility for your own brand of emotional reactivity
  • Understanding the complex psychology relating to the shadow side of leadership
  • Advanced communication and conflict resolution skills for leaders

Individualized Executive Development
Training And Coaching

This year Progress Associates is offering packages of leadership development coaching services for individuals and small groups of employees who are working in mid, upper level, and senior level executive positions. McLyman and Leete understand the rules of good coaching. They can help people gain new levels of awareness in ways that are honest but non-threatening. They know how to hold people accountable for changes in behavior and they know when they can and cannot be of assistance to an executive who is seeking leadership development for him/herself or his/her direct reports. Ranked as superior listeners, seasoned organizational development consultants, and excellent teachers, McLyman and Leete also provide opportunities for executives to simply sound-board the problems, challenges, and new ideas they are currently working on in their businesses and organizations. For more information on our coaching/sound boarding services feel free to give us a call:

Linda McLyman Cell Phone: 1-315-263-0274
Daniel Leete Cell Phone: 1-315-263-1567

Also see also our current programs on Intensive Leadership Development.

For more information on our Leadership Intensive or other Leadership trainings, call us today at:
Linda McLyman Cell Phone: 1-315-263-0274
Daniel Leete Cell Phone: 1-315-263-1567

Also, check out our Individual Leadership Coaching work.
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