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Satisfied Customers

All companies claim to provide excellent customer service. The big question is - do they really do that? Since we teach about customer service, we take the idea of satisfying our client's needs very seriously. The benchmarks we use to see how well we are doing include:

  • Evaluation Forms
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Recalls for our Services

We are proud to say that our seminar and coaching evaluations have consistently ranked well above average for over 15 years. Many of our clients have used our services for over ten years and our recall rate is over 90%! Our files are filled with tons of letters of recommendations from many different types of clients. Feel free to ask us to share those letters and evaluations with you. We will also be glad to provide you with a specific list of reference names of people you can write or call. Following are some sample letters we recently received:

Harry Michael Chaddock, D.V.M
Animal Industry Division - Michigan Department of Agriculture
"Wow! Working with you over the past two years certainly has had a positive and profound effect on the Animal Industry Division of the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture, and many individuals within the division." [more]
"Linda and Dan--you asked for feedback, so here it is.  As I told you at the end of the day Wednesday, I was very impressed with your work.  I've been to a few similar things over the years, and your approach and your credibility puts you on the top of my list." [more]
Ruth Voltz
Deputy Regional Forester
Eastern Region, Milwaukee, WI
USDA Forest Service

"...The open, honest communication skills we have learned and honed through the last 5 years stood us in good stead when faced with a series of crises..." [more]
Michigan Department of Natural Resources "This is possibly the best training program I have attended - topics have immediate application." -
Tim Reis Wildlife Biologist
Mike Penskar
Botany Program Leader
Natural Features Inventory
"It's been a while but I just wanted you to know that I enjoy and appreciate the newsletters from Progress Associates. ..." [more]
Jim Dexter
Lake Michigan Basin Coordinator
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

"Progress Associates' efforts have been so eye opening to me that I can say with out any hesitation, they have benefited not only me as an individual but our agency immensely..." [more]
Leon F. Blashock
District Forest Ranger
Allegheny National Forest
"Daniel and Linda exhibit a sincere desire to be effective and teach things people and teams can apply and use!..." [more]
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Fisheries Division Management

"...Daniel guided the team through an evolution of thinking and working together that...hould place this group on the cutting edge of leadership in natural resource management for years to come...."[more]
Leonard Atencio
Forest Supervisor
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"...I have never attended a session on team building I liked. Until now..." [more]
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