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Training and Teaching

Each of the following can be offered as: (1) an “Off-the-shelf” training program, (2) a training program custom-designed to meet specific needs or circumstances for your organization, and (3) some can be designed for a series of training programs. Please note that this website contains some of the following information in greater detail in other sections.

Courses *

  • Advanced Decision Making Skills
  • Advanced Interpersonal Communications Skills for Leaders
  • Advanced Team Development
  • Art of Collaboration
  • Change Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Communication and Leadership Styles (Adaptive Communications)
  • Conflict Management and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Work Environment
  • Emotional Maturity as it relates to Leadership Development
  • Meeting Management Tools and Skills
  • Organizational Development Skills, Changing Work Culture Skills
  • Performance Accountability in the Workplace
  • Personality Assessment as it relates to Leadership Development
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Self Reflection and Feedback for Leaders
  • Strategic Planning, Visioning, and Scenario Planning
  • Working with the Public (leadership skills in running public meetings, etc.)

Special Programs *

  • National Ranger Academy
  • Natural Resources Leadership Project
  • Wise Leadership


  • Executive teams and individuals
  • One-on-One coaching for leadership development

Planning and Projects

  • Assistance in the design and development of collaborative natural resource projects and programs between agencies

Keynote Speeches

  • Skilled in speaking at National and Regional Conventions on a variety of topics

* Many of these courses are also available for college credit or Continuing Education Units

Please contact one of the staff at Progress Associates to obtain specific information about each of these courses, programs, coaching, planning, projects, and speeches.

Team Development
We offer a very wide range of team development training seminars and opportunities. Our most popular team development training is called: Retooling Your Team. This training does not focus on simple "feel good" objectives. Instead, it teaches people 10 very practical tool sets that any group or team can use to learn to
set direction, problem solve more efficiently, and make decisions in more proactive and efficient ways. Retooling Your Team has received rave reviews from hundreds of teams who have taken the training and applied the tool sets. It is an extremely real world and practical training seminar. For more information on this specific training, or any of our other team development trainings, call us today at

Linda McLyman Cell Phone: 1-315-263-0274
Daniel Leete Cell Phone: 1-315-263-1567

Ask us to send you our team development packet.

Creativity and Innovation
At Progress Associates we're nationally known for our wild, wacky, and extremely popular three day seminar entitled: Creativity: Where Adults Play to Learn!.
This is by far one of the most fun, exciting, and real world applicable courses on Creativity that is being offered in corporate America today. Thousands of people have taken this course during the past 15 years. Many participants call this seminar a life altering event! The course always gets excellent ratings. Be sure to call us and ask for more information about our Creativity courses. Frankly, they are a blast! Call us today at (315) 469-7940. Ask for our creativity and innovation packet.

Effective Team Decision Making and Better Meeting Management
Lets face it - most professionals are pretty good individual decision makers. Many team leaders and most teams, however, are often weak when it comes to
making effective and efficient team decisions or running decent meetings. Let us help you and your team learn a much more proactive process for making team decisions in a timely and effective manner. During the first day of this seminar participants learn a specific set of meeting management tools including a tool called, Labeled Decision Making. During the second half of the training participants learn to apply the Labeled Decision Making Tool to some of their real world problems or pending decisions. Sign your team up today to learn this unique and practical team decision making and meeting management process. Call us today at (315) 469-7940. Ask for our specific team decision making packet.

Leadership Development
During the past 15 years of our work we have designed and taught many executive leadership training programs for a variety of diverse organizations. We are most widely known for our intensive training opportunity called The Leadership Intensive. This training gives individuals an opportunity to learn more about the ways in which they approach and handle advanced leadership responsibilities. Much more than an intellectually based training, this program is designed for those individuals who are eager to honestly learn more about themselves in a format that is non-threatening and yet rigorous, emotionally challenging, and stimulating. It is designed to give participants the time and space needed to reflect on who they are and how they want to lead. Topic areas include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Embracing the concept of psychological maturity as it relates to leadership
  • Understanding more about the correlation between leadership and control
  • Identifying and taking responsibility for your own brand of emotional reactivity
  • Understanding the complex psychology relating to the shadow side of leadership
  • Advanced communication and conflict resolution skills for leaders

For more information on our Leadership Intensive or other Leadership trainings, call us today at (315) 469-7940. Also, check out our Individual Leadership Coaching and Executive training programs.

At Progress Associates we offer many, many seminars on improved communications in the work place. You will hear from all of our clients that we not only specialize in helping people improve their interpersonal and team communications skills, we have learned to do this in a way that is non-threatening, non-traditional, and geared for real change. We have taught
thousands of people to communicate in ways that are more direct, more open
and honest, and more user friendly. We also help groups and teams work through difficult layers of conflict and mistrust. Call us today at (315) 469-7940. Ask for our specific information on communication seminars. Also, check out our individual coaching work in this area.

Accountability in the Work Force
Organizations (whether they are bureaucracies or businesses) are searching for new ways to utilize accountability measurements and standards as a way to move organizations forward. In this era called the "Information Age" workers must be responsible not only for performing the work they are assigned to do, they must also be responsible for how they communicate and build relationships with their peers, their customers, and with other members of their organizations. During this training participants learn to write performance standards, learn how to measure the unmeasurable, and learn the ins and outs of writing full performance reviews. For more information on our work in Accountability and Performance call us today at (315) 469-7940.

Senior Level Executive Development
At Progress Associates we specialize in executive development. We custom design and facilitate many types of executive retreats and executive seminars. It takes a very seasoned and highly skilled professional to be able to work with senior management teams. The consultant needs tobe able to teach, facilitate, offer a "non-canned" approach, and move out of the way when necessary. We can do that. Call us today to discuss what goals are important to you - we will help you acheive pragmatic deliverables.

Change, Transition, and Post- Mergers Integration
During the last two decades of our work we have been called on again and again
to help different organizations manage their way through the difficult stages of transition and change. We can teach the people in your organization effective ways to handle very difficult change (including mergers, downsizing efforts, transition in new leadership, and buy outs). Call us today at (315) 469-7940 to find out more about both our trainings and other organizational development work in the areas of change management. We also specialize in helping leaders work through personal chaos during times of transition (see our individual executive coaching and leadership work).

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